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Ch.9- Good Samaritan law

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For Illinois - Any person who is currently certified in first aid by the American Red Cross, AHA, or National Safety Council and who in good faith provides first aid without fee to a person shall not , as a result of his or her acts, ecxept willful misconduct on the part of the person in providing the aid ,be liable. Also the law protects other citizens that are in emergency situations and try to help in good faith. I used the webpage

https//       or

since I couldnt get school book website to work


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Remember Stretching is an essential element to your day..Here are some tips--

  • Before stretching it is good to to remember that stretches are to be held 10-30 seconds(pre.under 30 seconds)
  • using slow movenments and not bouncin
  • pay attention to body--once flexibilty increases you can maximize the stretch 
  • If you feel pain, you went to far


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Tuskee syphilis study is an unethical study. It had no permission in the first place to be giving anyone vaccinations no matter the circumstance. The study was conducted between 1932/1972 and it's purpose was to find a way to make marines more of a sick war machine for combat rather than to cure syphilis.


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Three important stretching tips ****#1 Hold a sustained stretching for 10 seconds and not 30 ****#2 Only stretch to the point of mild discomfort ****#3 Recommended to stretch for at least 10 minutes a day


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Due to unfortunate events such as the Tuskegee syphilis study conducted between 1932-1972 there was laws created to protect individulas involved in research studies. This event involved African American men that were given false information in order to gain knowledge of a study done by the U.S. Public Health Service and Tuskegee University also joined with this study. It is crazy to believe such people were so falsly informed. The men were told they were receiving free health care from the United States government, told the study would be within 6 months yet lasted 40 years.Also after funding for treatment ended reading this you would think think thankfully it all can end but no they STILL continued the study without informing the men that they would never be treated. Through out the years the men were never told they had a disease. This whole study was just so unethical and thankfully whistlebower Peter Buxtun help create major changes. After the ordeal , laws were created to protect participants in studies. Participants after laws were out were then given communication of diagnosis, accurate test results, and before anyhing had the right to an informed constant.

Ch. 7

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Through some reading about social neuroscience it was interesting to look up social neuroscience, mirror neurons , attunement, interoception, intersubjectivity, and resonance. They are different yet come together in a way i found social neuroscience and mirror neurons to come together because it is how a person gains social skills throught behavior and emotion. Attunment and interoception because of an inner feeling of understanding. Intersubjectivity brings philosophy, pyschology, sociology, and anthropology. I picked mirror neurons which i found interesting.Mirror neurons had to do with using essential brain cells for social interaction and being aware of thoers actions and emotions. For example, noticing a co-worker yawn will usually cause a yawn for another person. 


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I took the quiz and received a 13 , with that score it stated that myy boundaries may come and go, but how about a tune up. So a brief summary of my result is that altough I am a person aware of the importance in setting limits with others, I may say no sometimes but then default back to people-pleasing.I do feel the quiz ranked me correctly because it helped me realize I double think my answers to see if its possible to take what they are asking for into consideration. I also noticed an important sentence that mentioned I could be a person that over-commits my time and resources and that can be me sometimes.I have been described as a people-pleaser in the past as well. I do liek to give to others often but it is important I set mroe boundaries.

Ch.5- webquest

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I had a co-worker who had rotator cuff tendonitis. Rotator cuff tendonitis is a medical condition in which there is pain in the shoulder, shoulder tip, and upper region of the arm. After doing research from different search engines and using the google scholar website I was able to gather enough information to make my own belief. The belief that massage therapy helps reduce pain, stiffness, and improved range of motion. The trial from Paul A Van den Dolder and David L. Roberts did a randomized controlled trial which showed reduction of pain. Another study ( Journal of orthopedics & sports physical therapy) aslo showed pain reduction. However, based on qualitative analyses it was unclear wheather MT was used alone or added to an exercise program improves function. I came to find massage therapy could only help the situation since it is thought to be one of the best ways to increase blood flow therefore helping area heal , and preventing stiffness.Not to mention massage therapy also encourages production of Anti- stress horomones which will be needed for someone dealing with the difficulty of having trouble with motion in injured area.

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1. AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) - This is an association that benefits clinical massage therapist in the field or taking current classes. Only clinical massage therapist are welcome to this association. This organization is very beneficial to students and graduated therapist in the clinical massage therapy field. 2. Federation Of State Massage Therapy Board -This is a state board preparation site for massage therapist. It can help you prepare for the MBLEX. This site has study resources that you can log into from any format and helps keep graduated therapist up to date with the next new techniques and knowledge as well as helping students pass the board testing. 3. National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork -This is a board preparation site for massage therapist. Here you can find approved providers, schools, students, certifications, and updated continuing education oppertunities. 4. Massage Therapy Foundation -This is an International journal of massage body work and practice. Massage therapist can go to this for resourceful information pertaining to their massage practices, grants, case reports, and professional resources. 5. Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge -A resourceful and informative site that consist of representatives of massage body work, knowledge, boards, and organizations. This site is an up to date with latest massage education, news, and job listings. You are also able to have discussions with other therapist and/or representatives.

Ch. 1

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  Well here is a awesome organization that chooses to give back just like Massage Therapists give back! Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals organization helps in many ways . The organization will help anywhere from protection for yourself like liability insurance, how to save money by providing discount offers and free CE, also feeding your brain with their members only website app. There is so much good information on the website and easy to locate due to the easy layout they did on the site.  I would say the organization is a lifesaver to get to know for practitoners, students, educators, employers, and ABMP members. ABMP goal is to help you succeed. I look forward to learning more about this organization. ;