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Ch. 4

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After getting my resuts i could improve my life by eating healthier and exercising more.

Ch. 2

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They quiz gave me a 15 which i feel now is accurate but a few years ago it would of been a totally different number. I know how to set boundaries and keep them with people. 

Ch. 1

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All of the sites touch base on many different aspects of massage therapy, they can all help students with questions and research all the way to helping already licensed massage therapist with questions or concerns they may have. New and upcoming trends can be found on AMTA, ABMP has many articles and magazines you can read. If you aer looking for state board information FSMTB has that for you, MCBTMB has other board and certification information. Massage therapy foundation has grants for students and last MTBOK has blogs from other professionals that you can ask questions and have other opinions on ideas or thoughts you have. 

Chapter 15 Compare and Contrast Massage Chairs

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Tools are important in every trade so choosing a massage table is important. Buying a massage table may seem like the most basic of tools but they are not all created equal. First of all you will want to choose the right type for your needs. 

  The options include: Portable massage tables which fold up and are lightweight enough to transport anywhere.So if you travel to peoples homes or office this would be a great choice ( theses are typically more affordable than other types). They can be loud to assemble and not sturdy enough for larger clients.

Stationary tables are the kind that are found in therapists office and for good reason, they are heavy and stay in one place.Hydraullic tables as well but these tables should be considered if your clients are older or have dissabilities or stuggle to get on a table.

So once you decide on the type of table then you need to consider between wood or aluminum frame. The table should be a width of 29-31 and a hight of 20-36 inches is standard.

Chapter 13 Foot reflexology

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After reviewing several conditions, The most common cited effect is Well Bieng and Healing . In every case people feel a sense of well being and releif of stess as well.

Chapter 11 Hospice care

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Members of the hospice team include..... Volunteers, Drs. Nurses,Home health care aids and social workers.The majority of hospice patients are medicare 80 years old or older and caucation. In a 2016 study over half (54.2%) were enrolled in hospice for 30 days or less. The main place patients recive care is their home residence. Some recieve care at the hospital.The most common diagnosis for hospice care is Cancer.

Chapter 9 Good Samaritan

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The website was not found that was referred to us. I did google good sameritan law for Illinios that states that anyone  who is helping someone in an emergency situation and results in brain damage or death is not responcible as long as he has not recieved a fee.

Chapter 14: Pain Taxonomy

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Pain is the body's way of telling us that something is not quite right. A massage therapist can use pain as a starting point to assess the root cause of a person's discomfort, including possible tissue damage. Understanding pain terminology will be helpful in asking questions to dig deeper and gather relevant information for the development of an appropriate treatment plan. 

chapter 14 Pain Taxonomy

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By reviewing all the different types of Pain, I can now help my clients.The understanding of how it begins, how my touch and pressure is efffecting the client and the perception of how different types of pain occur makes a big difference in how important it is to assess them to the fullest by asking them a lot of questions to get to the root of their pain.

Chapter 9: Good Samaritan Law

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The website in the book is no longer valid, so I did an internet search on the Good Samaritan Law. If a trained individual administers emergency care without a fee to someone in good faith, they shall not be held liable should they cause injuries or death, as long as there is no willful or wanton misconduct.