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Chapter 19 Webquest

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Patients that suffer from Osteoarthritis can truly benefit from massage therapy because their joints have erdoded cartilage and bone spurs and when relaxing the muscles around this area, that takes pain away from the affected joint. Allowing for better range of motion and mobility. 

Chapter 18 Webquest

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Stem cells are special cells that can develop into many different cell types. Stem cells can be muscle cells, brain cells, or even fix damaged tissues. There are embryonic cells and adult cells. Embryonic cells come from unused embryos and adult cells come from fully developed tissues such as brain, skin, and bone marrow and another form of adult cells comes from a lab and have been changed to be more like an embryonic cell. Stem cells regenerat damaged tissues. Typicall stem cells are used in bone marrow transplant. I think that stem cells are benefical and I look forward to seeing what other procedures stem cells can assist in the future.


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I'd like to say I do know what it takes to work myself into a good retirement. I have an accountant and use it to my every advantage. I have a 401K and a separate retirement savings. After researching I found out I am actually ahead of a lot of my goals and people my age. I am a head of time thinker so I was not surprised.

chapter 18

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stem cells are cells with the potential to develop into many different cells in the body. embryomic stem cells are from the enbryos that are three to 5 says old. non-embryonic stem cells they come form organs and tissues in the body. induced pluripotent stem cells or from specialized cell that can produce new cells for organs and tissue. the controversy is that they are using stem cells from embryos and some people dont agree of doing that .

chapter 15

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earthlite working weight 300 pounds weight of the table 15 pounds goes from 4 foot 4 to 6 foot 6 and has multiple adjustments for face arm and seat.

nrg the seat weighs 18 pounds  work weight up to 300 pounds has 2 1/2 inch foam fits up to 6 foot 1 has a 5 year warranty.

oakwork seat weighs 19 pounds holds up to 300 pounds adjust from 4 foot 11 to 6 foot 4 one button adjustment sturdy and lightweight

the seat that i would go for is the earthlite it is lighter holds the same amount of weight and has  a wider range of height.

Chapter 15 Webquest

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1. Master Massage Professional

-Lightweight, storage for glass and jewelry

2. Comfort 4 Portable Chair

-Water and oil proof, supports up to 250 lbs

3. Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair Package

-Extremely lightweight and adjustable

It is important that your chair be sturdy, reliable, and adjustable!

Chapter 14 Webquest

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Allodynia, hyperalgesia, hyperthesthesia, neuropathic pain, noxious stimulus, pain threshold, and pain level tolerance all relate to clinical massage therapy in different but similar ways. Whether it is nerve pain, level of pain, or acute pain, clinical massage therapy is designed to help manage that pain and provide a relaxing stimulus. 

chapter 14

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you can us allodynia to see a patient has lesions of the nervous system with a cold or warmth with invoking pain when implied . hyperesthesia you can use if some is having increase in sensitivity with eyes, ears, touch and smell and u can find out why they are having that .neropathic is tingling or burning if this pain happens the patient has some nerve damge or nerve pressure. all of these terms help you by determining how to go about massaging a person with a diseases, pain and sensitivity.


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I chose to compair Lower back Sciatica, Headaces, Menapause, Thyroid and Urinary issues.  In all 5 reasearch shows that with in 2-8 weeks of treatment Reflexology improved the clients symptoms

chapter 13

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epilepsy- effective for results of epilepsy

cerebral palsy- reflexology was found  very effective

multiple sclerosis- relief of symptoms associated with m.s

parkinson's reduced the symptoms with drug therapy

muscular dystrophy- relief of the symptoms accociated with muscular  dystrophy