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Ch. 7

Posted by Alexandra on May 17, 2019 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I think Nikki should of eased into her sessions since she had more then normal that day and had changed how she was continuing the sessions. Stretching and proper standing should of been used to ensure she was not harming herself while performing the massages all day long. taking breaks and making sure to eat and stay hydrated are a big issue as well. I would make sure the nikki had ate, drank, stretched and stood in the proper ways to keep from hurting herself and having a hard time with pressure to clients. 

Ch. 6

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I think since Adrienne`s dr referred her to see a massage therapist he can go ahead but use caution and appropriate pressure in areas. be sure to check in with her on the technique and pressure to ensure he is not hurting her and she is finding it relaxing and peaceful. i would avoid jostling and similar moves to not further upset her stomach. 

Ch. 5

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Both studies were conducted in their own way however the more controlled study will have the best results. Keeping things limited and at a lower number will always give more accurate numbers and answers to questions and studies like this. although both studies had people benefit from it and some not so much it will always vary from person to person. If i were to do the studies i would keep the numbers small and have people the same age, life style and health do it and make sure it was approved by their drs if need be. If i had to submit this to anyone i would want to include all sides of the study because that is the only way someone can know the pros and cons.

Ch. 4

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So with this situation i would ask mark if he was aware of the marks, if he knew what they were depending on his answer i would either not proceed with the massage or avoid the area and wear gloves to protect not only him but myself as well. if he was unaware of the marks i would ask him if i could grab my suporvisor to look at this to ensure everyones safety. 

Ch. 2

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i would call Alice or the office to see if there was a time i could come in and sit down to go over the letter and discuss the options we have. keeping it professional and keeping the two relationships as two relationships. 

Ch. 1

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Help Wanted!

Currently seeking Full Time licensed Massage Therapist to join our team. We provide massage therapy to a wide rang of clients from relaxation massage to clinical work. We often travel to local businesses to provide chair massage to change up our day to day. If you are interested please stop in and submit a resume.

Requirments :

18 years of age

valid license with the state

great communication skills

positive attitude

Chapter 15 Seated Massage during pregnancy

Posted by Anne Martin on May 17, 2019 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Seated  chair massage is not a problem during pregnacy and Cyndi's doctor is correct about the suggestion of massage helping her during this time. The problem that I see with this theropist is that she is not certified and that means she may not know how to address sensetive areas or how to work with specific pregnancy-related issues. Some pressure points on the wrist can stimulate pelvic muscles and may cause premiture labor. So the answer is no I would not suggest the massage.

Chapter 13 Cautious of labels

Posted by Anne Martin on May 2, 2019 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow! this would be a sticky situation for Delores! Seeing as this is a prominate person If I was Deloris I would have to decline doing the massage but i would gentle explain why.

First its a matter of being professional and the safty of the client. I would explain that alcohol and massage do not mix.I would let her know the facts that alcohol is dehydrating, and it impairs the ability to give proper feedback, It imparirs judgment,decreases energy and it effects the prefrontal cortex of the brain that is responsible for rational thinking.I would try to educate on the way a massage helps to detoxify the body and doing a massage at that point would defete the purpose and give her as much positive reasons for her to consider changing  her appointment fo another day.

Chapter 11 Amyo...What?

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My assessment with Stephani would start out to be like anyone elses intake but with finding the knowledge that she had ALS and I was not familiar with it,, I would let her know and tell her I needed more information  and knowledge so I would excuse myself for a few minutes to look it up to find out specificaly how to proceed. Once I found out my answers I would ask her how she would feel about getting on the table or having her massage in the wheelchair. Depending on her stablization we would determine this. If she could not be on the table i would explain how we would preform the massge and arrange her comfortale position first. Most importantly I would help her to feel relaxed about everything we were doing so her fatigue and anxieity about the situation would improve.

Chapter 9 Seize the day

Posted by Anne Martin on May 2, 2019 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I would be so relieved to know all about Moxie from her assesment! I would have to call 911 immediatly. I would talk to them and fill them in with all the history i knew about her and ask them for assistance on what to do while i waited for the paramedics to arrive. I would not want to move her at this point.